January2015January 2015 edition of Women Testers is brought to you by the team of Women Testers and in association with Testing Circus.

It was great being a part of this edition, we partnered with:

1) Speak Easy – An initiative by Anne-Marie Charrett and Fiona Charles to encourage diversity in speaking and at conferring and 2) NULLCON – an international software security conference. Inside this edition, all you Women Testers will find a gift, an opportunity to connect and learn from the software security gurus. Thank you NULLCON team for this sponsorship.  Hope these partnerships can help you to get on with your learning journey.

We have connected with constant learners and brought to you testing knowledge on diverse topics, in this edition. Thank you authors for timely submissions.

  • Advocate with Confidence by Alice Chu
  • Agile Tester – from Novice to Intermediate by Rikke Simonsen
  • Being Fearless by Rachel Carson
  • Career Advice From One Tester To Another by Lisa Crispin
  • Answering the call for proposals by Katrina Clokie
  • Point of Sale Testing by Divya Madaan
  • The False Security of Compliance by Rachelle Below
  • Guest Post: Diversity in Tech – Making the Future Today by Keith Klain

The winner of the Crossword on Testing Types – Congratulations Dharshini, a gift awaits you from TeamQualityPro.

Thanks for the inspiration and patronage Testing Circus.

Coordinator and Editor – Jyothi Rangaiah

3 responses to “WOMEN TESTERS – JANUARY 2015 EDITION”

  1. Hi,

    IOT is the hot topic in the market now. Can we have some article covered in the upcoming edition. Strategy to Test IOT

  2. Hi Vibina,

    Thanks for your readership and this suggestion. We will try to get articles to cover the topic ‘Strategy to Test IOT’ in the October edition.

    There are few links, which I chanced upon. Hope it can help.



    Reference – Google.


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