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  • Point of Sale Testing

    What is a POS? A POS (point of sale) is a computer which is connected to a receipt printer, cash drawer, credit/debit card reader and a bar code scanner etc. Retailers use an automated retail system where the store cash registers are linked to computer processing systems. Merchandise is ticketed with colored bar code tags, which are read with wand readers […]

  • Advocate With Confidence

    As testers, we are the champions of bugs. However, how often than not have we had to convince developers and other project stakeholders that a bug is a bug!! There are courses, books and blogs that teach us how to write effective bug reports and tactfully convey defects to stakeholders. Bug advocacy is a persuasive […]

  • Agile Tester – from Novice to Intermediate

    I started out as the only tester on an agile team without any former knowledge of testing, experience with agile development or other testers to learn from. I evolved from novice to intermediate by falling into every possible pitfall on my way and learning from my mistakes. This is the story about those pitfalls and […]

  • Being Fearless

    There has been some recent discussion in the testing industry about women in testing and in particular, the ‘voice’ of women in testing. There are thousands of talented and dedicated female testers across our testing communities, however it seems to me we are less likely to share our stories and experiences in public forums. This […]

  • Career Advice From One Tester To Another

    When I was asked to write an article for Women Testers magazine, I thought about what I can contribute in the context of the mission behind Women Testers: “to bring out the best in YOU”. I’d like to share some things that I feel helped my career as a woman tester. I learn best by […]

  • Answering the call for proposals

    Lack of female speakers at technology conferences. A common topic of discussion, particularly among women who want to see more of their peers take the stage. I think that a first step to improving the current state would be to have more women responding to Call for Proposals (CFP) issued by conference organizers. Writing a […]

  • The False Security of Compliance

    With the primary focus of an organization being “the bottom line”, it’s easy to see why compliance is at the forefront and more businesses, especially multinational corporations, are making it a priority. In heavily regulated verticals like healthcare and banking, being non-compliant is costly. For organizations that provide goods or services, being compliant can impact […]

  • Diversity in Tech – Making the Future Today

    “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt I am a product of my environment. I have benefited from a lifelong positive model for diversity starting with my mother, to my wife, multiple bosses, friends, to my industry colleagues. Strong, intelligent men and women who inspire and […]


    January 2015 edition of Women Testers is brought to you by the team of Women Testers and in association with Testing Circus. It was great being a part of this edition, we partnered with: 1) Speak Easy – An initiative by Anne-Marie Charrett and Fiona Charles to encourage diversity in speaking and at conferring and 2) NULLCON – an international software security conference. Inside […]