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  • Getting the whole team engaged in testing for continuous delivery success

    By – Lisa Crispin More and more teams today are trying to move towards delivering changes to production once or twice a week, daily, or even multiple times per day. Given that we never seem to have enough time to complete all the necessary testing for any new feature, how can we possibly feel confident […]

  • Q and A with Maryam Umar

    Q and A with Maryam Umar

    Q) What is your educational background and how did you come to be in the testing profession? I did two degrees in Software Engineering. Since school, I was always inclined towards computers and really enjoyed ‘thinking in pseudo-code’. During my Master’s degree, I had a module in software testing and I found my calling. My […]

  • The Magic of Notes.

    The Magic of Notes.

    Authored by – Arlene Andrews. Far from being unneeded, taking effective notes, and having them trigger memories of an event, is a skill that is still very relevant. From sketch notes, doodles, and outlines – the process of manually taking notes is coming back into the fore. Finding your own personal style of note-taking will […]

  • Conference submissions – why and how?

    Originally published here: Recently someone asked me about how to become a conference speaker. I have spoken at conferences, and also served on programme committees, so I hope these thoughts are helpful to you in your quest to speak. Additionally, I been giving feedback to people whose submissions did not make it onto the […]



    Announcing: RADIENT SOUL TRIBE!!! The tribe is a supportive online community that invites you to experience connection, nourishment, and joy. To create space to grow, expand and flourish in your body, mind, heart, and soul. As you reconnect with all parts of yourself, you will flourish at work, in relationships, and all parts of your […]

  • Useful tips for API Tests with Postman

    Postman is powerful tool to work with Rest APIs. It allows to test APIs manually. It allows creation of automated/randomised tests using request scripts and tests option. Postman collections can be executed outside of postman app using newman JS package, which is handy for automated test executions in Jenkins. Below you will find helpful information […]

  • How to use Design Thinking TO ENHANCE SOFTWARE Quality

    How to use Design Thinking TO ENHANCE SOFTWARE Quality

    Authored by Software tester Rozalia Baé – a first-time contributor to Women Testers e-magazine. “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” – Steven Jobs Design thinking for software testing can be used for the purpose of generating creative ideas and thereby discovering its own creativity. It offers the possibility to find […]

  • Samanta Cicilia’s year as a tester 2018

    Samanta Cicilia’s year as a tester 2018

    2018 was a special year for me as a professional, I had an opportunity to go to my first international conference Test Bash San Francisco, participate in many meetups and talk a lot about the role of the Tester/QA in Software Engineering. 2018 was an important year for me as a tester because it made […]

  • Specification By Example and Product Quality

    Target audience: Product People, Testers, Developers I’m sure that in your workday with software development you’ve heard words like BDD, ATDD, and Specification By Example. Most of us link these terms to just the test portion of an application but do not observe how powerful the practices are. Rather than just contributing to the test of what your […]

  • What is your upcoming strategy for Test Automation?

    Implementing test automation is critical to build and deploy robust applications in quick time. However, the business should have a strategy in place to make test automation functional, cost effective and easy to maintain. In an Agile and DevOps environment, the focus is on the quick detection of glitches in an application before its eventual […]