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Women Testers Logo Design

Dear Readers,

Here is the winning logo submission designed by Maria Kedemo


Maria Kedemo has worked within software development since 2000. Her experience ranges from developer, test lead, tester and coach in different domains such as Telecom, Retail and Security. Today she is working as a coach and manager of a test department, working to spread the values of the context-driven school of software testing. With a passion for helping and providing the opportunity for people to learn and develop she is engaged in various testing communities often behind the curtains. Sporadically you can find her speaking at software testing events or writing on her blog.

This is Maria’s explanation for the idea behind the design.

As at tester I look for information and clues, there are similarities to the job of a researcher or a detective, thus the magnifier. The woman part is represented by the magnifier that is formed as the symbol for woman.

Learn more about the contest here: https://www.womentesters.com/women- testers-launching-logo-designing-contest/

Readers / Women Testers you can continue to submit your designs to us and we will select a winning entry, every quarter. Thank you for all the submissions.


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