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  • Thinking Differently While Testing

    Looking at a product or an application from a different perspective and understanding the end user requirements makes a lot of difference to any tester. If anyone can test the application by just reading the requirements specified, then what makes you different and how can you stand out? One of the simpler definitions of a […]

  • Problem Solving and Logical Thinking

    Testing teams are considered as problem identifier and testing profession as mediocre job suitable for persons who have lesser analytical and logical thinking. Tester has to in cult logical and problem solving quality to change the perception of the dev team. Primary users/reviewer of product or project being developed is none other than testers. Throughout […]

  • Behaviour Driven Testing – An Introduction

    What is Behaviour Driven Testing (BDT)? Behaviour Driven Tests focuses on the behaviour rather than the technical implementation of the software. If you want to emphasize on business point of view and requirements then BDT is the way to go. BDT are Given-when-then style tests written in natural language which are easily understandable to non-technical […]

  • Women Participation at Let’s Test Oz 2014

    How Let’s Test Oz came about is well explained in David Greenlees’s blog post. David is one of the co-organisers along with Henrik Andersson. For me, Let’s Test Oz wasn’t only a conference, it was a journey. Let me explain. It’s no exaggeration to say that David Greenlees and I worked incredibly hard over the […]

  • Logo Design Contest Result

    Women Testers Logo Design Dear Readers, Here is the winning logo submission designed by Maria Kedemo Maria Kedemo has worked within software development since 2000. Her experience ranges from developer, test lead, tester and coach in different domains such as Telecom, Retail and Security. Today she is working as a coach and manager of a […]

  • What to Learn on a New Project

    One of my blog readers recently wrote to me that she moved to a complex project and is finding it hard to learn quickly. She suggested I write an article that might help many first timers like her. Getting placed on a new project is like your first day at school after a long and […]

  • How to Keep Yourself Organized

    At some point in our careers, we may get into a situation where we feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of projects and tasks that need to be completed. We might be juggling testing tasks (such as writing test strategies, reviewing testing approaches), recruiting and training new Testers, writing performance reviews, planning for upcoming releases, […]

  • What Testers can Learn from My Wife

    Let me start by guessing what you might be thinking looking at the title. Some guesses- 1. This must be an emotional piece from someone who adore his better half. 2. This must be a sort of self/family achievements boasting exercise. 3. This must be something about a next generation test innovation. If you are […]