APRIL 2017 edition of Women Testers is brought to you by the team of Women Testers and in association with Testing Circus.

In this edition, we have brought to you an article on leadership and follower-ship titled “Fulfilling your potential as a leader and as a follower” by “Isabel Evans.

We are proud to present to you all, a guest post and an announcement about a Testing School started in Australia  by Paul Seaman and Lee Hawkins for those in autism spectrum and their mentors “EPIC Test-Ability Academy – the story so far”. 

An international conference ‘Test Master’s Academy’ producer “Anna Royzman” writes “On Leadership, Diversity and Inspirational Role Models”.

Farzeen Abbas has written a confession in her role as an Agilist in “Confessions of an agile test lead”.

We look forward to you reading and sharing this edition which also features a special editorial written by Parimala Hariprasad titled “A Chance to Dream”.

From around the testing world: These software testing conferences are lined up for this quarter Mobile Dev+Test, STAREAST, Quality Jam, Atlassian Summit, Europe. Do write to us at [email protected] and share your article for the upcoming edition of Women Testers by May 30th 2017.

Upcoming conferences:

Test Master’s Academy brings to you 2ND ANNUAL TEST LEADERSHIP CONGRESS – MAY 1ST-3RD, NewYork City.  Watch this video to learn more: https://youtu.be/ldKUOGOK2BM 

Thank you for your awesomeness authors and for the timely submissions. And Testing Circus for your continued inspiration and patronage.

Co-ordinator and Editor
Jyothi Rangaiah

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