WOMEN TESTERS – 2nd Anniversary edition


July 2016 edition of Women Testers is brought to you by the team of Women Testers and in association with Testing Circus.

This edition features guest editorial by Alison Wade, President at Techwell and founder of Women who Test.

We have brought to you articles from these test practitioners. Download your copy today of this e-magazine whose readership spans across 40 countries, the top 5 representation of our subscribers are based out of USA, India, UK, Australia and Canada respectively. Thank you readers for your continued readership.

5 Challenges in Software Test Management by Farzeen Abbas

Creating Positive Experiences on Mobile Apps by Parimala Hariprasad (http://curioustester.blogspot.com/)

Dog Show Quality by James Lyndsay (http://blackboxpuzzles.workroomprds.com/)

How Albina Wrecked my Tester Evaluation Method by James Bach (http://www.satisfice.com/blog/)

Womentesters Coverpage
Womentesters second anniversary edition

Journey towards Performance Analytics & Prediction by Ramya Ramalinga Moorthy

User Story Traceability by Mahalakshmi Devi

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Thank you for your awesomeness authors and for the timely submissions. And Testing Circus for your continued inspiration and patronage.

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What’s new in the testing world? CAST comes to Sydney! Answer to the call for papers by October 15, 2016.  Follow CAST2016 Twitter feeds as it happens here – https://twitter.com/AST_News. Courtesy: AST and Claire Moss


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Jyothi Rangaiah

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