Hello Women Testers


Welcome to the World of Women Software Testers.

Help us to prepare a list of women testers around the World. You can nominate yourself (if you are a woman software tester) and/or someone you know.

What we need –
1. Name of the woman tester
2. Twitter link
3. Anything about her (optional)

Go ahead, nominate and let us know about her by providing the details in the comment section of this post.

Thank you in advance.

17 responses to “Hello Women Testers”

  1. Sravanthi Naga – Performance Test Architect
    Twitter account @sravanthinnc
    Passionate about Performance Testing and Tuning and how to help organizations develop better performance systems.

  2. Ragini Rohatgi – Sr Software Testing Engineer (LiveCareer India)
    Love the profile in which I am working, good to get in the group and work well if needed.
    Twitter account Ragini Rohatgi @r_r_rohatgi

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