Free Webinar Series by The Test Masters Academy

Test Masters Academy starts free series of webinars and discussions on hottest topics in software testing by renowned speakers and community leaders. All online events will be followed by live chat sessions, where you can ask the speaker questions and discuss the topic among all participants.



2:00-03:30 PM ET

September 20th, 2:00-03:30 PM ET

Ask the Experts: Whole Team Quality

Panelists: ConTEST NYC Speakers and invited guests

September 25th, 2:00-03:30 PM ET

The Lone Tester in an Agile World

Speaker: Michael Larsen

September 26th, 2:00-03:30 PM ET

Why developers can’t test, and what can you do about it?

Speaker: Joel Montvelisky

September 27th, 2:00-03:30 PM ET

Ask the Experts: Test Automation

Panelists: ConTEST NYC speakers and invited guests

October 2nd, 2:00-03:30 PM ET

Future horizons – mapping out the next decade of testing

Speaker: Christin Wiedemann

October 3rd, 2:00-03:30 PM ET

More Than That

Speaker: Damian Synadinos

October 4th, 2:00-03:30 PM ET

Ask the Experts: Role of the Modern Tester

Panelists: ConTEST NYC speakers and invited guests

October 9th, 2:00-03:30 PM ET

Evaluating Testers in Agile Team

Speaker: Lalitkumar Bhamare

October 10th, 2:00-03:30 PM ET

Presenting with Impact & Influence

Speaker: Todd Cherches

October 11th, 2:00-03:30 PM ET

Ask the Experts: Testing of the Emergent Technologies

Panelists: ConTEST NYC speakers and invited guests


2 DAY ONLINE CONFERENCE _October 16th-17th

10 AM – 3 PM ET

(individual presentations time slots to be announced shortly)

My Problem With the Pyramid: Introducing the Round Earth Test Strategy Heuristic

Speaker: James Bach

Pair Testing Pair Programming

Speaker: Simon Peter Shrijver

Driving Higher Quality with DevOps Initiatives

Speaker: Sigge Birgisson

Evolution—Not Revolution: Transforming Your Testing

Speaker: Julie Gardiner

Communities & Leadership: Our Best Bet to change the State of Testing for better

Speaker: Mahesh Chikane

Senses working overtime: Improving Software Quality Through Accessibility and Inclusive Design

Speaker: Michael Larsen

A Dozen Mistakes of my Software Testing Career

Speaker: Ajay Balamurugadas

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