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October edition of Women Testers is brought to you by the team of Women Testers and in association with Testing Circus.

As we release the second edition, we are happy to announce that women testers e-magazine has received overwhelming response from testers around the world. We thank each of you for your willingness to volunteer and the help extended to bring this learning to a device near you.

This edition has articles from veteran testers. Read, relish and share this learning with everyone.
1) Behaviour Driven Testing – An Introduction by Divya Madaan
2) How to Keep Yourself Organized by Bernice Niel Ruhland
3) Thinking Differently while Testing by Ajitha Mannem
4) What to Learn on A New Project by Parimala Hariprasad
5) Women Participation at Let’s Test Oz 2014 by Anne-Marie Charrett
6) Problem Solving and Logical Thinking by  Mahalakshmi Devi Dhanappalan
7) Guest Post: What Testers can Learn from My Wife by Anuj Magazine

We also bring to you the winner of this quarter’s Logo Design Contest. Congratulations Maria Kedemo.

Thanks for the inspiration and patronage Testing Circus.

Download this edition and share with the learners around you.

Co-ordinator and Editor – Jyothi Rangaiah

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  1. Thank you all. As we await January edition we would like to call upon the gentlemen in testing to write a guest post for us.

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