Women Testers – July 2014 Edition

Women-Testers-Edition-01-July-2014Women Testers, a Quarterly E-magazine featuring articles from women in tech and guest posts from either men/women from the testing world, July 2014, its first edition is out. Download your first copy and share with the testing world.
  • Why Testing? – Johanna Rothman
  • Stepping Into Your Learning Zone  – Alessandra Moreira
  • My BBST Experience – A letter from an introvert – Bolette Stubbe Teglbjærg
  • Forget Mentors, Find a Sponsor – Smita Mishra
  • Foundations of Ticket Writing – Sara Tabor
  • 26 Ways Testers can work with UX Designers – Karen N. Johnson
  • Guest Post: The Mother of All Testers  – Mike Lyles
Women testers, currently is a small group looking for volunteers to help review articles and translate articles written in another language. Those who are willing to help, can write to  [email protected]
Our group has worked with the community of testers to bring this learning to you.
Our next edition is themed “Problem Solving” and “Cognitive Skills”.
Authors willing to write on the same theme can share your articles to us.
Coordinator and Editor – Jyothi Rangaiah
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