WTJAN2016January 2016 edition of Women Testers is brought to you by the team of Women Testers and in association with Testing Circus.

In this edition we have brought to you the following articles by veteran and newbie testers:

Learning, Evaluating and Testing with Usability Heuristics by Dolly Pente

My Journey Starting a Career in Tech authored by Meglena Ivanova
My Year of Lessons for Aspiring Speakers authored by Maaret Pyhäjärvi
Relationship between Attending Conferences & Motivation authored by Jean Ann Harrison
Women Who TEST authored by Alison Wade
My First Step from Teaching to Mentoring authored by Martin Nilsson
It’s On My List – One Piece of the Quality Jigsaw authored by Paul Seaman

Do write to us at [email protected] and share your article for the upcoming edition of Women Testers by March 10th 2016.

Thank you for your awesomeness authors and for the timely submissions. And Testing Circus for your continued inspiration and patronage.

Wishing all our readers a HAPPY NEW YEAR where you get you learn, experiment, question often, find an optimal solution to an existing or a new problem, share your wisdom with other testers and more. Let this year bring out the thinking tester in us and let each of us learn and share together. Download your copy of women testers today.

Co-ordinator and Editor
Jyothi Rangaiah


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  1. Thanks for this material. I just found this website and start reading the magazine. I think, this material could be upload to Issuu. Regards from Mexico !!!!

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