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    Originally collated and published here. We asked our participants, leading experts in software testing and quality engineering community. Read their responses below. The event was extremely well organized, and I enjoyed every session. In addition to great speakers, the attendees at this event were engaging and thoughtful. Definitely one of the best conferences I’ve attended. […]

  • Q and A with Anuj Magazine – Part 2

    “it is a power to receive which is the bigger determinant of success, not the power to give.”

  • Q and A with Anuj Magazine – Part 1

    We asked Anuj Magazine a mixed bag of questions about testing, career and skills required for a tester. Here shared in this quest for endless testing knowledge is his deep understanding of this science and brief answers. Q) As a tester without dev/coding skills, how to become a technical tester with programming skills? A) Let […]

  • How concepts of feminism makes me a better tester -Part 1

    Introduction This article is based on Eeva Pursula’s talk at the Agile Testing Days (Potsdam, Nov. 13. 2018). It sums up her realizations on how feminist mindset supports the testers mindset, and how feminist concepts and feminist thinking can help us identify problems in the work environment and fix them to make our teams work […]

  • The True Untold Story

    A True Story So this is not a true story; that’s what they want me to say. But I will not say it. I will not say it’s not a true story either. What I can say that it could be a futuristic story; it might end up becoming “YOUR STORY” !!! What happened to […]

  • 7 Signs That You Should Switch to Contracting

    Are you a permanent employee – a “permie” – wondering whether you’d be able to succeed as a contractor? Here are seven signs that you should switch to contracting. There’s high demand for contractors with your skills As a start, check your local job websites. They will give an indication of the demand for contractors […]