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  • Q and A with Ajay Balamurugadas

    Q and A with Ajay Balamurugadas

    Q) What do you have to share with the newbie testers aspiring to be software testers? Three key themes with three points each: Practice What you know so that there are very few better than you. What you don’t know so that you can know it soon. To make as many mistakes in fail-safe environments […]

  • Q and A with Anuj Magazine – Part 2

    “it is a power to receive which is the bigger determinant of success, not the power to give.”

  • Q and A with Joep Schuurkes

    Learning what other alternate science(s) helps me become a better tester? As a general answer I don’t think it matters that much which science(s) you’d learn, but rather how you relate them to testing. How much effort do you put into finding and exploring those relations? If the area of science is close to IT, […]

  • Q and A with Anuj Magazine – Part 1

    We asked Anuj Magazine a mixed bag of questions about testing, career and skills required for a tester. Here shared in this quest for endless testing knowledge is his deep understanding of this science and brief answers. Q) As a tester without dev/coding skills, how to become a technical tester with programming skills? A) Let […]

  • Show the Way, Then Get Out of the Way

    First Steps Through a Coding and Testing Journey As I drove up to the glass and steel office building in our town, I figured I would pick up my daughter, like I had from so many other school sponsored events. I’d ask her how her night was, she’d say it was “good” and then we’d […]

  • What Testers can Learn from My Wife

    Let me start by guessing what you might be thinking looking at the title. Some guesses- 1. This must be an emotional piece from someone who adore his better half. 2. This must be a sort of self/family achievements boasting exercise. 3. This must be something about a next generation test innovation. If you are […]

  • Diversity in Tech – Making the Future Today

    “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt I am a product of my environment. I have benefited from a lifelong positive model for diversity starting with my mother, to my wife, multiple bosses, friends, to my industry colleagues. Strong, intelligent men and women who inspire and […]

  • The Mother of All Testers

    The Mother of All Testers We live in a world where things that are precious to us are labeled with a feminine title.  Mother Earth.  Mother Nature.  People refer to their cars as “she”.  Why do we do this?  Because there is something genuine, tender, caring, and special about the female aspect when it comes […]