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  • Get Started and Don’t Stop!

    This is a story about a recent learning experience of mine. It is not that much about actual testing but I hope that it still can be relevant. That said, I still think any kind of continuous learning effort can make me a better tester. My quick and dirty way to explain what I do […]

  • The Mother of All Testers

    The Mother of All Testers We live in a world where things that are precious to us are labeled with a feminine title.  Mother Earth.  Mother Nature.  People refer to their cars as “she”.  Why do we do this?  Because there is something genuine, tender, caring, and special about the female aspect when it comes […]

  • From A to Z; 26 ways Testers can work with UX designers

    The team needs to build a product. The team readily recognizes the testers need to work with the developers but the same team often doesn’t consider that the testers need to work with the UX staff. Often the UX staff is tucked away in a different part of the office, working with multiple teams and […]

  • Foundations of Ticket Writing

    For web development test engineers, one of the most common tasks is lowly defect ticket creation.  Each ticket is a valuable nugget of feedback provided to the development team, but the caveat is that it is provided at the end of a project. Nerves become frazzled while timelines get tighter. Key Ticket Concepts A vital […]

  • Forget mentors, find a sponsor

    I know this heading sounds familiar. Sylvia Ann Hewlett wrote a book with this name – Forget a Mentor, Find a sponsor. I really liked the idea and title and since I was planning to write on fast tracking our testing careers, I told myself – I could just get more efficient by re-using what’s […]

  • My BBST Experience – A letter from an introvert

    Dear Ellen, (fictional character who has signed up for the BBST Foundations Course) I am writing to you in order to share my experiences with the BBST Foundations course. There are quite a few other blog posts and recent articles on this topic, but I’d like to contribute with another dimension to what has already […]

  • Stepping Into Your Learning Zone

    The comfort zone is a mental place, or behavioural state of safety, within which there’s little anxiety or stress. In this anxiety-free zone there are few challenges. As a result, staying there for too long could lead to feelings of boredom and stagnation, both in one’s personal and professional lives. Stepping out of this zone provides an opportunity to […]

  • Why Testing?

    When I meet testers, I often hear a specific word, “Why?” I thought that might be a great word to use in this article. Testers often ask, “Why does this feature work that way?” Or “Is this feature supposed to work that way?” I certainly asked that question often when I was a tester. There were plenty of times […]