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  • How concepts of feminism makes me a better tester – Part 2

    Link to Part 1 of this article – https://www.womentesters.com/how-concepts-of-feminism-makes-me-a-better-tester-part-1/ Introduction This article is based on Eeva Pursula’s talk at the Agile Testing Days (Potsdam, Nov. 13. 2018). It sums up her realizations on how feminist mindset supports the testers mindset, and how feminist concepts and feminist thinking can help us identify problems in the work environment […]


    WOMEN TESTERS – JANUARY 2018 EDITION JANUARY 2018 edition of Women Testers is brought to you by the team of Women Testers and in association with Testing Circus. In this edition, we have brought to you an article by a dynamic leader, keynote speaker and a coach many vouch for Selena Delesie titled YOU Deserve Better.  An aspiring […]