Tag: Divya Madaan

  • Design Patterns in Test Automation World

    Software development has lot of methodologies and standardized approaches to make the development process efficient such as object oriented programming, domain-driven design, test-driven design and behaviour driven design etc. Automation testing, since the very beginning, has been relatively new when it comes to processes and standards. But now it has gained lot of exposure in […]

  • Point of Sale Testing

    What is a POS? A POS (point of sale) is a computer which is connected to a receipt printer, cash drawer, credit/debit card reader and a bar code scanner etc. Retailers use an automated retail system where the store cash registers are linked to computer processing systems. Merchandise is ticketed with colored bar code tags, which are read with wand readers […]

  • Behaviour Driven Testing – An Introduction

    What is Behaviour Driven Testing (BDT)? Behaviour Driven Tests focuses on the behaviour rather than the technical implementation of the software. If you want to emphasize on business point of view and requirements then BDT is the way to go. BDT are Given-when-then style tests written in natural language which are easily understandable to non-technical […]