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  • Q and A with Maryam Umar

    Q and A with Maryam Umar

    Q) What is your educational background and how did you come to be in the testing profession? I did two degrees in Software Engineering. Since school, I was always inclined towards computers and really enjoyed ‘thinking in pseudo-code’. During my Master’s degree, I had a module in software testing and I found my calling. My […]

  • Q and A with Anuj Magazine – Part 2

    “it is a power to receive which is the bigger determinant of success, not the power to give.”

  • Q and A with Joep Schuurkes

    Learning what other alternate science(s) helps me become a better tester? As a general answer I don’t think it matters that much which science(s) you’d learn, but rather how you relate them to testing. How much effort do you put into finding and exploring those relations? If the area of science is close to IT, […]

  • Q and A with Anuj Magazine – Part 1

    We asked Anuj Magazine a mixed bag of questions about testing, career and skills required for a tester. Here shared in this quest for endless testing knowledge is his deep understanding of this science and brief answers. Q) As a tester without dev/coding skills, how to become a technical tester with programming skills? A) Let […]