Category: Fourth Edition

  • Domain Knowledge – Is it important to Testers?

    In today’s market testing has become essential entity across any domain like Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), Retail, Health Care, Transportation and so on. As the testing industry grows, a tester with basic skill is not sufficient to meet the market needs. Market now demands domain and subject experience. Having said that doesn’t mean […]

  • Design Patterns in Test Automation World

    Software development has lot of methodologies and standardized approaches to make the development process efficient such as object oriented programming, domain-driven design, test-driven design and behaviour driven design etc. Automation testing, since the very beginning, has been relatively new when it comes to processes and standards. But now it has gained lot of exposure in […]

  • Make Excellence Your Norm

    It used to be that you would find a job and stay there for 10 years or 20 years or even until retirement. Those days are gone—as is the idea of job security. You may exceed your performance goals and still be laid off—in a turbulent and changing economy. Nonetheless, you can develop career security, […]

  • When Bugs Bug You

    In my testing career, I have seen testers being pessimistic about the unaddressed bugs. I have heard sometimes “What is the use, even if I file it?”, “they will never fix it”, or “Leave it, they will not be able to reproduce it”. Sounds true!? Such reactions should not be the criteria to stop logging […]

  • Show the Way, Then Get Out of the Way

    First Steps Through a Coding and Testing Journey As I drove up to the glass and steel office building in our town, I figured I would pick up my daughter, like I had from so many other school sponsored events. I’d ask her how her night was, she’d say it was “good” and then we’d […]