WomenTesters – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1) The article is published elsewhere / on my blog. Can I re-share?
A) The decision to publish such articles will dwell with the editor and the author of the article.

2) I am not a woman, can I submit an article to women testers?
A) Yes. We have a guest post section. We will publish your articles there.

3) This is a quarterly e-magazine. What if a submission to the guest post is already made, will you publish the write-up?
A) Yes. We will accomodate based on the article length, relevance and based on the status-quo.

4) I am a naive software tester, can I submit an article to women testers?
A) Yes. Please ensure that the article is reviewed prior to submission.

5) I am new o software testing, can I submit my questions to women testers?
A) Yes. Do write to info@womentesters.com We will get the mentors in the industry to answer your question.

6) Where can I find the launch edition of this e-magazine?
A) Download your free copy of the launch edition here –> http://www.womentesters.com/women-testers-july-2014-edition/

7) What are the guidelines for submitting an article to women testers?
A) Follow this link http://www.womentesters.com/womentesters-guidelines-article-submission/

8) I wish to volunteer for the magazine, whom do I contact?
A) Like / Follow us on twitter and on Facebook and leave a message.

9) Why women testers?
A) All questions related to this question is answered in the editorial of the launch edition. A link to the launch edition is provided as an answer to question #6.

10) I am not a woman, can I volunteer / contribute / be a part of the review panel?
A) Yes.

11) I have questions, that are not answered here, whom do I get in touch with?
A) Please write to: info@womentesters.com

12) What is the format in which images / photos needs to be shared in?
A) jpg and png are the formats in which images used in the articles and photos can be shared in. Do provide the credits / courtesy when sharing the images used in the article.

WomenTesters – Guidelines for article submission.

Article submission guidelines:

a) There is no limit on the length of the article. The editor and the author will decide if the article needs to be published as different parts in the same / different issue of the e-magazine.
b) Choose a topic of your interest. The article should not be published elsewhere.
c) Images and graphs used needs to be embedded into the write-up.
d) Self and / or a peer review of the article is appreciated prior to the submission. If you wish for our panel to review, then please do submit the article a week before the target set.
e) Do share the author biography (not more than a 100 words) and a photograph (small, unless requested for a large dimensioned) of yours along with the article.
f) Do submit the article in word document format unless asked for other formats.

Important Note: If you are unable to write an article for us within the target date, then please help us by introducing a writer on your behalf.

If you have any questions, please write to editor@womentesters.com
Please read FAQ’s before proceeding.